LaToya is a Nurse and Regional Healthcare Advocate. She is ready to serve the Town of Clay with a commitment of connecting community members to Town Government. She brings a tremendous amount of leadership experience and organizational development. She is an advocate for Social Justice and a government that works for all.

LaToya grew up in Central New York and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Health Service Administration from Bryant & Stratton College, North Campus in Clay New York. She is a powerhouse for advocating for the community through grassroots organizing, lobbying, and activist work. She possesses over 25 years in the Healthcare Industry and in public sector work.

LaToya is a mother of three and a long-time resident of the Town of Clay. LaToya has twins that x attend Liverpool High School as sophomores. While raising her family in Clay she has seen the neighborhoods change as well as the needs of the community. She is a member of Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority Inc., Onondaga County Health Equity Coalition and an Executive Board member with Syracuse/Onondaga NAACP serving as their health committee chair. LaToya is a graduate of The Leadership Classroom and Nourishing Tomorrow's Leaders. Always the active volunteer, she was also one of the organizers for the 2019 Women's March.

LaToya believes that the Town of Clay residents deserve restoration of their voice within the Town Government. We deserve a government that is accountable and transparent. We want a Town Government that understands the needs of the people who put them in office. Democracy made by the people for the people!

Why I'm Running

I have been a resident in the town of Clay for more than 15 years. My children attend Liverpool High School, participing in all that the high school has to offer from sports to the arts program. I am running because our children are the next generation of Clay residents and they depend on us for a bright future. Together, it's our civic duty to invest and grow our community for those who live here now and for future generations.

Like many of the residents in Clay, I’m getting frustrated with the lack of progress for all our residents in Clay. Regularly, new development is approved without input from us, the citizens.

We need our government officials to look at how the new development will impact the lives of those that already reside in the area.

For example, traffic has grown substantially worse. Our current streets have not been paved, and developers are overrunning our neighborhoods leaving many of our development roads unsafe. Our children should be able to play safely in our neighborhoods. Our seniors deserve safe pathways to walk and enjoy our community. Great Northern Mall, instead of continuing as a vibrant place for our community, has lost value and has become an eyesore for the Town of Clay!

The Town of Clay deserves a government structure that represents and works for all. I am dedicated to the enrichment of the Town of Clay. We must hold our Clay Town Board accountable and put our neighbors first instead of profits. We must stand in solidarity with tenants, homeowners, and local businesses. We must enhance the structure of our town government to make it transparent and accessible. The residents need a real voice that will be heard, valued, and considered. We must improve the town's engagement with neighbors through outreach, free community gatherings, surveys, neighborhood meetings, Administration social events for our youth.

Michael LaPoint, 33 year resident of the Town of Clay

I, Michael LaPoint, endorse LaToya Jones for Town of Clay Councilor. I regularly attend the Town Board meetings. What I find missing is the ability to listen to the residents. The ability to take into consideration the positions and issues residents have. Also what is absent is the ability to respond respectively when there is disagreement. LaToya Jones is the solution to those few issues and that is only the start of the positive changes that she would provide for the entire Town of Clay. LaToya has my full support.

Respectfully Submitted

Michael LaPoint
33 year resident of the Town of Clay

Mark Matt for County Legislator - Supporter, August 20th 2019

Chatted with fellow Democratic candidate LaToya Jones who is running for Clay Town Board. LaToya is not only a healthcare advocate by profession, she studies policy and listens to the voters. What a great councilor she'll be.

Annie Sorrendino - Supporter

She is the best!!!!

Robert Crabtree - Supporter

You have my vote and support.

Shioban Oliver Reilley, Supporter

"For anyone able to vote within the Town of Clay, your vote for LaToya Jones would be a huge step forward for the area. I worked with her many years ago and can attest that she is a wonderful, compassionate person willing to work hard”.

Robert Crabtree - Supporter

You have my vote and support.

Nancy Kinnetz - Supporter

You'll represent all of us well LaToya!

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